Buddy Up

Do you feel like you always have the best intention to take good care of yourself, but in the end you end up overworking yourself to the state of a burnout before you take some essencial steps towards the maintenance of your beautiful body?

You are more likely to stick with your goals if you have an Accountability Buddy.

Pick a friend or bring your partner along to initial taster session where you both receive an initial consultation plus 15 minute focus session and launch your Buddy Membership. (£15/each)

Book your first full session (either together or on separate dates), no longer that one week apart. (Both of you saving 10% OFF the regular price)

Because It's Easiere Together

5 Star Reward System

5 STAR reward system is now in place! Every treatment over £20 gives you one star. When you have collected all 5 stars, you get £10 discount off your next booking. Ask Maya for your loyalty card and start collecting ;-)

Your 5 Star discount can be used towards your usual treatment, or it could contribute towards upgrading your treatment to something different.

When using your 5 star reward, you won't receive a new star, and you can be collecting stars on more than one card. You can choose to put your cards together to use your reward, or you could wait until you have finished a few cards, and multiply your reward. 

Because You Deserve 5 Stars

Buy 5, Get One Half Price

When you buy a package of 5 treatments, you get to enjoy a 6th treatment for only 50% of it's original price. 

The 5 Packs need to be bought as one purchase at the same time. You will receive a code to use when booking your 5 treatments, and you will be issued a discount code to use at the checkout booking your 6th treatment.

It is a good habit to have a couple of treatments booked ahead of the time, as sometimes it is very challenging to catch a last minute slot when you are already in need of a treatment.

That is why we really support planing ahead and staying in charge of your self-care.

Because You're Worth It